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Our Values:

  • We bring our whole selves to every encounter.
  • We delight in creating new solutions with you and for you.
  • We are practical, no-nonsense, and fun.
  • We speak plain English.
  • We want the best for you and your agency.

Tanya McDonald & Harriet Boorhem

Our slogan is “two halves make a whole.”   With us, you get two very diverse backgrounds and skill sets which can be combined to create unique and compelling solutions for your organization.

Harriet ran Promise House, a large youth-serving organization with both public and private funding and an established track record.

Tanya helped launch Dallas Afterschool as a volunteer and ultimately became its Executive Director, growing the agency to more than a $1 million budget.

When we say we’ve seen it all…we’ve really seen it all!  So whether you’re growing a young, start-up organization or you have the reins of a large, established agency, we have the perspective, experience, and knowledge that can help.

Areas of


Because we have each been Executive Directors, we understand every aspect of leading and growing nonprofit organizations.  As such, we are prepared to provide facilitation, one-on-one coaching, group training, or consultation with Executive Directors, Board Chairs or Boards of Directors, or leadership teams on the following topics:

  • Strategic Planning/Thinking
  • Agency Culture and Climate
  • Personnel Management
  • Budgeting/Financial Operations
  • Board Recruitment, Engagement and Training
  • Risk Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Director Transitions

We do not currently provide support services for fundraising, but we would be happy to talk to you about our ideas and refer you to others who do.

How can we help you?


Tanya McDonald

Tanya is a reformed financial services professional, now motivated to create community change rather than collect another commission check.  After spending 15 years in sales and marketing with companies such as Fidelity Investments and J.P. Morgan, family life dictated some work changes and she left the field.  Fortunately, Dallas Social Venture Partners introduced her to the local nonprofit landscape and she’s never looked back!
Tanya’s philanthropic interests lie in the education and youth-development fields.  A product of an all-girls high school, she values the impact that a quality education, caring adults, and meaningful experiences can have on a child’s trajectory.
She never planned to be a nonprofit executive, but after serving as a volunteer to launch Dallas Afterschool, it seemed like the logical choice to take the helm.  After 7 years with Dallas Afterschool, Tanya now enjoys sharing both her nonprofit and for-profit acumen with leaders who are committed to growing their agency’s impact.
Tanya and her husband Ken have two “IPO’s” – income producing offspring – and now focus their parenting energies on raising two enormous Labrador Retrievers.  In her free time, you’ll find them walking the streets of Preston Hollow or hiking the mountains in New Mexico. Tanya spent 10 years as a member of Dallas Social Venture Partners, and is a sustaining member of the Junior League of Dallas.
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Harriet Boorhem, Ed.D.

For someone whose only life dream was to be a Broadway star, Harriet’s career trajectory might seem a little strange.  Although she lived for Theatre in High School and college, she decided living in poverty as a struggling actor wasn’t for her and soon dropped it to “go make money”.
After ten years in the corporate world, Harriet decided that wasn’t for her either and took another left turn…..this time to return to school and finish her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, all in one felled swoop.  After ten years of school (notice a pattern?) and another three years getting her counseling licenses, she was finally qualified to do great things.
So, she went to work for a nonprofit.
That didn’t bring great things quickly enough, so she went into private practice as a marriage and family therapist, taught family therapy at the university level, served as clinical director / consultant for several nonprofit agencies, and most recently was executive director for a large youth-serving organization.
Thirty years and many great things later, Harriet’s circuitous educational and career route brought her invaluable experience and knowledge that she now gets to share with other nonprofit executives. And all that theatre training really comes in handy during workshops and presentations!
A “Cliff-dweller for life”, Harriet has lived in Oak Cliff in Southern Dallas for over 30 years.  She has two grown daughters, one of whom is married, and a very rambunctious English Cream Golden Retriever, Luna.  Her favorite things to do are nothing, yoga, and watching British TV.
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