Training + Peer Support + Coaching = IMPACT!

Effective nonprofit leaders are activators who energize an organization and its stakeholders, enabling the agency to attain its full potential. Nothing is more important than effective leadership skills to maximize team performance and impact.

Our leadership development cohorts offer practical lessons on what it means to be a leader, along with “real-world” group discussions about nonprofit management, all in a safe and nurturing female-only environment. In addition, participants each receive individual coaching throughout the 9-month program.

We offer multiple groups for nonprofit CEO’s.  Groups meet monthly September – June for three hours each month.  The first half of each session is a structured lesson and facilitated discussion; the second half is peer support time to get feedback from us and your peers on the unique challenges, opportunities and dilemmas you face.

Participants enjoy:

  • A unique community of female support designed to address the issues and challenges of female nonprofit leaders.
  • A safe space to explore ideas, problems or concerns.
  • Content based on best practices, but grounded in reality of running a nonprofit.
  • Individual coaching.
  • Access to the collective membership’s network of contacts, resources and expertise.
  • Access to private Facebook and e-mail groups for ongoing conversation and idea sharing.

“Strong women empower other women.” – Melinda Gates

CEO 100 Level

New registrants are typically placed into our CEO 100 Level Cohort.  This first-year experience covers the foundations of nonprofit leadership, develops a common language and understanding among CEO peers, and prepares participants for more in-depth lessons in future years.

Key Learning Areas for CEO 100 Level:


  • Get to know your unique leadership style and focus on your most important roles as a leader.  Master the differences between leading and managing.  Explore why your leadership style changes with different stakeholder groups.  Learn the hallmarks of great leaders and the unique challenges and opportunities you face as a female leader.

Team Performance:

  • The right people are an organization’s greatest asset.  Identify what types of people you really need on the team to create/sustain the organizational culture you desire – and how to get the wrong people off the team!  Learn how to find (and retain) the good people, acclimate them to your team, set performance goals and effectively develop them.


  • Your board can either be an asset or a liability.  Learn how to design and lead an effective and engaged board so that your agency can have more impact.


  • Learn the tips of the trade and maximize your opportunities with individual, corporate and foundation donors.  Learn what works for your peers, and get all of your fundraising questions answered.


Registration is now open for a new 2019-2020 CEO cohort.  Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Meetings will typically take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.  Click below to submit an interest form and we will send you a complete syllabus.

What They’re Saying

“Every month I leave with tools and ideas that I can put into practice in my organization.”

Amy SpawnThe Warren Center

“I love the group discussions on critical topics that we face as nonprofit leaders. I learn something new each month.”

Becca CrowellNexus Recovery Center

“They’ve made me think about some things differently, which is really helpful after spending many years in my position.”

Paige McDanielCommunity Partners of Dallas